trying FASD Toddlerhood

In the title of this post, I mean trying as in “difficult.”  Life has been a challenge.

It’s been a particularly long few weeks with M.  Between the daylight savings change, G working long hours and thanksgiving change of schedule, our boy has been out of sorts to say the least.  He thrives on routine and even little changes send him into a whirlwind of emotion, most of which is negative.

I wish I could say that I have done the best job parenting.   But I haven’t.  I’ve gotten frustrated, I’ve yelled a few times, and at one point I just had to walk outside with M2 while M screamed for me to come inside to help him. It doesn’t feel good at all to walk away from a child so overwhelmed with his own feelings that all he can do is rage.  Most of the time I take on his aggression, literally head on.  I accept the hitting, scratching, and biting and just let him tire himself out while I talk to him gently and wait for it to pass.

I spend my 2 am insomnia googling solutions to aggressive toddlers.   All I find is dooming information telling us that if we don’t get this under control, we are going to have a violent psychopath on our hands.  While that is an exaggeration of the available parenting advice, in my most pessimistic moments that is where my mind goes.